Sunday, 8 December 2013

I'm Back! BOTW #20

I'm back! I'm sorry it took me so long to return, but after the summer holidays I thought I'd take a break which, as a procrastinator, stretched on to around 6 months. It won't happen again, I promise! Anyway, I'm going to jump right in again, and I'm going to review the best 3 brickfilms of the last two weeks (there wasn't really much content this week to do an individual post. Let's go!

3. Black Friday - Walter Benson. I was really happy to see when I returned to YouTube, Walter Benson had released two videos, both partially related. This one depicts the dreaded stream of manic shoppers breaking shop doors down to get the bargains on their plastic items of entertainment to send to their minifig friends. It's very funny, and the animation is perfect. Even the set design is great, however small the set is. The video also raises a major question - why is there no terrifying film about Black Friday? Enough with the vampires and murderers, bring on the evil SHOPPERS!
2. LEGO Blues Brothers- Shopping Mall Chase Scene - Bricktease. This is a great, original animation. The set design is by far the most impressive I've seen while reviewing for this post. It was recreated to the last detail to look astonishingly like the scene from the classic film - check out this to see it compared to the original. However, the animation was slightly choppy - maybe because he built the set on tiles, which definitely makes it harder to animate minifigures and vehicles. Also, I never thought I'd say this - Bricktease's version is too well lit! The original footage is much darker, because it's a '80s film set in the '60s. Other than that, it's great, and I really enjoyed watching it.
1. Giving Thanks - Walter Benson. The only Thanksgiving video I found in my feed was this, and believe me, I'm glad Walter decided to upload this. It was hilarious. It's like Thanksgiving for the smug annoying people. The humour in this - some lines 'I'm thankful I smell good - unlike THAT stinky person!' really made me laugh. This is one of those themed videos that never get old - even when it's the height of Easter and your feed is being bombarded with videos of insane Easter Bunnies (I get that a lot, am I alone in this plight?). Anyway, the animation is great, the set fantastic, Walter strikes again!

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