Monday, 20 May 2013

Feel The Ground! BOTW #7

It's been a while, brickfans. But don't worry because I've made two blog posts today! *loud cheers and applause* We've definitely had some weird unique films this week. I hope you enjoy!

3.Air Time - ShutterBroke. I hadn't heard about ShutterBroke until I noticed a repelling spider. had commented and liked. I found this film was great, funny and unique. It was actually an entry to animation challenge: BMX.  I know how hard and annoying it is to work with a LEGO Bike, and the body break at the end is slightly gruesome, but very creative.
2.Le Cavalier sans tete - The Headless Horseman [CABBAB] Marcher sur les mains - Aiwha Bruno Lefevre. That was a very long title. This is a really unique entry (perhaps it was something to do with the fact it was Loic F-B's idea) for the CABBAB animation challenge 'Walking on hands'. I think this is really smooth, and uses a great use of 'natural set design' (e.g using real stones to represent big rocks in your animation) and is also a great break from his usual 10 second long films.  Lefevre should have more than 250 subscribers, and I'd recommend subscribing to him now.
1.Hand'Shoes - Loic F-B. This was great to see yet another funny video sprout from Loic F-B's creative imagination. This film was a lighting test, but it is still amazingly animated to look painstakingly normal, like minfigures could walk with hands on their feet. It's also pretty hilarious, and I've burst into laughter every time I see this video. Well done Loic F-B.
Thanks for reading this blog post. If you're itching to see more films, click HERE!

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  1. Hello !
    Thanks for featuring my brickfilm in this Top 3 of the week. (And sorry for the long title.)
    A real brickfilm (longer than all those 10 seconds tests and animation challenge entries) is in preparation.