Wednesday, 28 May 2014

BrickTopia - Introduction

So I've been dwelling on this idea for a while now and I'm wondering if I should do it. Read the post, and if I decide to go ahead, think about if you want to contribute to this project.

Weeks back, I was searching (amazing website, check it out) to see new brickfilms that I wouldn't have otherwise heard of. This is a way that I have found some of my most trusted brickfilmers that have appeared on this blog regularly, when a thought suddenly occurred to me. I and many others find and use this to look at brickfilms by animators that are new on the scene and want to show their talent and ideas. But what about other brickfilmers that are generally isolated and don't know about these forums - and if they do, are ignored or not appreciated? I was thinking of ways to solve this problem when I came across the community channel known as BrickUltra. BrickUltra is well known, with well over a thousand subscribers and about ten animators showing their animations, MOC's and how to's. This channel is fantastic, and I am subscribed to it on YouTube, but then again, only ten animators can contribute, and not anyone wanting to display their brickfilms and other lego related videos. So then, I realised what I could do - cross BrickUltra and with a channel that allows anyone, famous or not, to contribute brickfilms, MOC's, reviews, and animation tips. I decided to call it BrickTopia. This is already a channel name of a little known lego video blogger with one subscriber, and evidently a festival name and a video game (am I sensing a channel name change here?) but the point remains. If you feel like contributing at all, you will only have to email me your idea - if I approve it, you will then be able to email me the video and I will upload it. However, this will not be an outlet for spam and no personal details need to be uploaded, aside from your channel name and anyone involved in the production of your video. You don't need to upload more than one video, but if you upload three or more, you may be able to become a staff member. I hope this gets off the ground, but if it doesn't, I'll simply delete this post and life will, as they say, go on. But it would be a huge help for me and others, because I really want this idea to become a reality and perhaps expand the brickfilm viewing community, and get others to start their brickfilming lives. If this works, I'll be posting updates on this blog. Anyway, thanks for reading, and if you do, many thanks for contributing.

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