Sunday, 15 December 2013

BiMAC #4 - BrickPsycho's 2013 Animation Contest!

Brick Psycho wanted to celebrate his 1,000th view, his 100th subscriber and his being accepted into Fullscreen's network, so he made a contest to celebrate. There were 7 entries, and a lot of YouTube prizes. Also, my first BiMAC in a while! Let's go to the overview.
Overview - To make a video over 20 seconds long
Theme - Any subject
Allocated Time - Just over 20 weeks (a long time to make a good video!)
Winner Setup - 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.
Prizes - 1st Place - 6 YouTube Subs, 2 likes to all of participants videos, year long playlist of videos, eternal boxed, shoutouts in two of BrickPsycho's videos, 1 shoutout in all of his accounts, link to participants channel in 'About' tab for a year. I won't explain the rest, because they will take a long time to list and are basically the same thing, just less of it.
Judges - The Brick Psycho
Entries And Results
1st - CheekiGhost
2nd - Zymoncone Films
3rd - Timblegoorn
4th - LegoAndStickfigs
5th - CandSoriginals
6th - Dragonlegomaster
7th - Classiclegocinema
I would usually post links to the the films, but the results video only shows the channels and does not specify the videos. But I would recommend you check out all these channels - they are all great animators as well.
Overall, I think the Brick Psycho should have more subscribers. He's a great MOC maker, and is also a great animator. He has just over 200 subs now, and I think he should have much more. So go and check out some of his videos, and be sure to subscribe!

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