Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Romance Needs No Words - BOTW #18

This week I have found myself looking at the most wide range of films I've ever seen in one week. That's mainly due to the fact that there hasn't really been a contest on, apart from rebrick.com's 'Show Us An AFOL*' which was only released later in the week. I am excited to show you all the different varieties of films, so let's start!
3.Spaceman Frank - backyardlegos. This is what I mean when I say there is a variety of films this week, and this one may be the most strange unique. Even though the film is short, it's pleasing and makes you laugh. The animation is good, and it's actually a pretty good limerick (if there is such a thing). I wish this kind of humorous poetry was made more into brickfilms, because it's very clever and a great idea. It would also give a chance for brickfilmers to be creative in a short space of time.
2.AFOL Date - thefourmonkeys4. This is an entry to Rebrick's 'Show Us An AFOL' competition, and was only just released when I started writing this. I like the animation and the set design, and it's a worthy entrant to the competition. I think that the storyline is fine, but it could have benefited from a bit of a twist.  Thefourmonkeys create such a variety of films, often, and all of good quality. Well done Monkeys!
1.Love In Black and White - Walter Benson. Walter hasn't uploaded a video for months, since his attempt at THAC X (which he only came 40th at - which I thought was outrageous). I love the story, and although it may have been lengthy - for a brickfilm - was good the way it is. I also liked the animation, although it wasn't perfect. But my favourite part was the set-design. Walter is well known on  Flickr for his amazing sets, and I love how he incorporates the sets into his brickfilms as well as his photos. I really like the park gates, and because of his large Lego collection, he can incorporate lots of detail into small things. I love this video, and I just hope there isn't another 7 Month gap between this and his next one!

*that's Adult Fan of Lego, in case you didn't know (and I'm sure you did....)