Monday, 9 September 2013

BOTW #19 - One Popular Film!

liked this week in many ways. I liked the range of brickfilms. I liked the fact that many brickfilms veered away from humour (which is not good most of the time, but y'know, it's good to have a break) and I also like the fact that one film landed OVER HALF A MILLION VIEWS IN LESS THAN A WEEK.
3.Joan Of ART & Greta Frants - Better Day (Official Music Video) - coccosnowball. This video is very cool. It is one of the rare occasions when artists/bands use lego and to make their music videos using it. I figured it's actually a good way to make a would-be-high-budget-film-if-it-was-live-action without having to spend much money. I like the song, although it may not appeal to people who don't like electronic music, and the video itself is a little random, but has good animation and skilled set design.
2.Super Short - Romantic Beach Scene - Walter Benson. Last week Walter made a fantastic mime film that topped BOTW, and he has come back again with another unique idea. Although it's short, it's super (as the title suggests) and I find that Walter has perfected the 'Romantic Scene Goes Wrong' like this famous film. I think that the lighting is amazing, using what looks like a desktop light to make a fantastic sunset, and I like his way of making waves unlike famous brickfilmer Michael Hickox. I think it's generally great, and I said last week that Walter should make more films. Did I encourage him?
1.LEGO The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug - Teaser Trailer [HD] - BrotherhoodWorkshop. This was, how should I put it, um...MIND-BLOWING. I was just amazed to see the time that they must of put into, synchronising the scenes to the actual trailer, the fantastic set design and the VFX. Their aren't very many brickfilming studios, and BrotherhoodWorkshop lie among the a few that create fantastic work with all the people and contributors. I hope this comes to the attention to Peter Jackson, because BrotherhoodWorkshop have created many amazing LOTR films, and could be great use to him. It would probably be their dream come true. I also want to point out that it got over 600,000 views in the space of under a week. I won't be surprised if Desolation Of Smaug makes millions in the box office.

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