Monday, 3 June 2013

A Golden Week - BOTW #9

Hello, everyone! Here it is - sorry for the long wait. BOTW 8 is coming out with this, so you should have two blog posts to read rather than one. Right, on to the judging!
3.Introducing LEGO Mr. Gold! - brickshowtv/MonsieurCaron. The reason I've put a slash through this film's creator is it was uploaded on brickshowtv's channel, but was created by MonsieurCaron. It is a good animation, and has a creative use of the Lego figure Mr. Gold, but the plot line could have done with a few more twists and turns. But generally, I found this a good animation, funny, good set design and a great use of every single Series 10 Minifigure!
Stats - They've Returned!
Animation - 3rd
Humour- 3rd
Set Design -2nd
Views - 1st
2.Evil Mr. Gold - MonsieurCaron. I know what you're thinking. What? Another Mr. Gold Brickfilm? Made by the same guy?? I am also thinking that too. MonsieurCaron had it lent to him by his friend, and made the two videos that are shown here. This is slightly better animation than Introducing Mr. Gold, and has a more interesting plot line, because there's a twist (which I'm not going to tell you about), and the humour is good. I also like that Mr. Gold is a gangster, but the only thing I would down-grade it on is the voice-acting. I don't know what kind of accent Mr Gold was supposed to have - was it Scottish or American gangster?  Well, nobody's perfect!
Animation - 2nd
Humour - 2nd
Set Design - 3rd
Views - 2nd
1.The Good Old Days (2013) - Loic F-B. This is the second BOTW that Loic F-B has placed on top of,  the last being BOTW 7, and this is a deserved winner. It's the only video this week that didn't really go for the comedic option, but went for the more meaningful.  Not many brickfilmers would address the issue of nostalgia in older people! It's a re-edit from the old version that was made back in 2012, and it has his current logo. It may not be much different, but it was still nice to see it again, (stop me if I'm getting nostalgic)  and I sometimes hear myself saying 'I remember the good old days...' in the style of an old man, which often turns heads. I really like this film, and I think it may be one of my all-time favourites.
Animation - 1st
Humour - 4th
Set Design - 1st
Views - 3rd
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