Saturday, 13 April 2013

Plunger Havoc - BOTW #3

Hello! This week has been a bombardment of videos, with 10 videos being uploaded from wednesday alone! Well. I'm getting sick of these intros, let's go!
3.One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Six Legged Plunger Mech -BrotherhoodWorkshop. This is not, as the title makes you suspect, as funny as it sounds, but it's more AWESOME! BrotherhoodWorkshop usually do funny Lord Of The Rings parodies, which I enjoy even though I haven't read any of the books or seen any of the films, and I still find them hilarious. This was an entry to the ReBrick competition, which appears to be about turning something into something else. This is BrotherhoodWorkshop's first entry, so I'm expecting more to come!
Stats -
Animation Quality - 6th
Humour - 8th
Set Design - 1st
Views - 2nd
2. ReBrick Movie Entry - bionicle28. This was 1st last week, but another ReBrick entry has knocked it off its place! This is slightly like BrotherhoodWorkshop's video, what with the Six Legged thing, but this I find has smoother animation, and the camera angles, picture quality all show up a guy with a serious experience in what he's doing.
Stats  -
Animation Quality - 5th
Humour - 10th
Set Design - 2nd
Views - 3rd

1. Bovonic Tonic - pe668. This was a hard week to decide my favourite video. I chose Bovonic Tonic because the animation and set design are fantastic. The special effects are amazing, and I never really considered pe668 as one of my favourite brickfilmers. Overall, I think this film is just amazing.
Stats -
Animation Quality - 4th
Humour - 5th
Set Design - 4th
Views - 6th
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