Tuesday, 6 May 2014

BOTW #21 - Basically Jail

Yay! I'm back! Again! This time for good! (hopefully) I know this is like my 3rd time I've said this, but all have ended in me sliding back into hibernation after a week. So this time anyone who still reads this blog will just be sick of me making a big deal of this and will just want me to get to the point  - Brickfilms! So yeah. This week hasn't been entirely eventful, but I have enough content to produce a regular post. Here it is.
3 - The Simpsons LEGO TMNT Joke 1 - TitanPicturesStudio. TitanPictures has been working on this series for almost a year now, and they're easily the most successful videos on his channel - the four videos that he has released have racked up well over 800,000 views collectively - the most being his second episode, 'The Face Of Shredder'. This one is very short, and slightly strange. It contains two TMNT villains (I don't know anything about this franchise, forgive me for any ridiculously obvious mistakes that anyone would know) attacking Itchy from the Simpsons (now this I know more about) when suddenly another Itchy rushes in and attacks the villain with a mallet (?). However, the plot may be confusing, but as ever, the animation by Titan is superb and the lighting and set design really help set the tone. I am looking forward to the new episode, and it will be a considerable achievement if this series hits a million views. I would recommend subscribing - at present, Titan only has around two thousand subscribers on his channel, and he deserves a much bigger audience. 
2 - Mystery at Base 327: Part 2 - BrickUltra/TaylorPlacePro/ThatGuy501st. Wow! What a mighty collaboration! Yes, uploaded by one, animated by another, and written by the last. If you haven't heard of any of these channels, here is a short summary of what they do. BrickUltra is a fantastic collection of well known animators, several of which have appeared on this blog. An example of these are MinilifeTV, CheekiGhost, and MaxButcher. It also includes custom minifigures, MOC's and reviews. TaylorPlacePro is but one of their many staff, the creator of the hugely successful 'Base 327' series, a base of clones who get into mischief and have amazing adventures (any inspiration from Fancy Pants' clone series? Or vice versa?). The idea was based upon the winner of the Base 327 competition, ThatGuy501st. This is a continuation of the first episode, in which a mysterious clone steals the captain's lightsaber. The storyline is great, as is the animation (however, the picture quality/lighting could be improved), and it is obvious that a huge amount of time has been spent making this project happen, and it has definitely paid off.  The set design could profit from a bit more work, though. Every animator does it - their first video is randomly decorated with any coloured bricks they can find in their collection of Lego. I'm not criticizing - not many have an impeccable collection of white bricks they can use to make a base the size of their table - I certainly don't. However, it would improve the enjoyment. I left the video enjoyed and satisfied, but slightly confused and dazed, as there is only so many colours my eyes can take in without starting to hurt. It may also be to do with the fact that I have a cold. These two probably have a connection. Sniff.
1 - Batman and Friends: The Clock Tower Caper - SpiderSock. Another astonishing animation by Sean Willets. As always, the animation is almost without flaws, and it moves extremely smoothly - the set design is good, however little there is, and the special effects, such as the flying minifigures and objects, work well too and are easily as good as the general animation. The story is also very entertaining, as is the humour (why does nobody like Aquaman? He's the king of Atlantis, how cool does it get?) and this video destroyed my deciding system - I judge by animation quality, storyline, set design and effort. SpiderSock rarely uploads, but I would really consider checking him out or subscribing - his No Crawme THAC videos are really good and humorous, and great considering that they were entirely devised in the space of 24 hours.

Thanks for reading! Another post will be published next week! Promise... (disappears for another six months)

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