Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The BRAWL Ultimatum! BOTW #16

BRAWL is a pretty awesome contest. It challenges people to make an animation in 7 days. The theme this year was 'Outlook' and it was interpreted in many different ways, as you will be able to see. It also attracts several widely known brickfilmers to take part. Well, I'll comment more on BRAWL in BiMAC #3, so watch out for that (coming soon).
3.The Day Aliens Finally Invaded - MRlegobuilder987. This is the second BOTW in a row that MRlegobuilder987 has featured in, the last being "The Deadly Mission", which was the winner of BOTW #15. This video, like the last one, had hilarious/strange humour, and a great storyline that sort of just spirals out of control. Although the animation in this video is a bit choppy, I found it to be one of the funniest videos in BRAWL. The other thing I like about it is that in BRAWL, it's hard to find time to build good sets, but MRlegobuilder has done just that. I now really want to shout "RELEASE THE HOUNDS!" very loudly. Thank you for that, MRlego.
2. Lookout - twickabrick. This video was short, but fantastic. The set design was amazing, the ship was amazingly realistic and detailed, and the background (how do they have so many grey bricks?) was perfectly constructed too. I really hope this does as well as possible in BRAWL.
1.Odiferous - AnnoyingNoisesInc. This video was...magical. Literally. I thought that this was one of the most amazing contest entries, by a long way. I would seriously not be surprised if this was the winner of the entire contest, as it smashed the standards of a video made in a week. The set design,the storyline, the lighting, the editing (and voice acting) were amazing. Well done, Squid!

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