Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I Can't Eat Jail Food! - BOTW #15

First of all, I sincerely apologise for not writing a blog post last week. I was very busy, and just didn't really have the time. To make up for that, I did what I did way back in BOTW #6, I combined two weeks of brickfilms into one post. I really didn't want to let go some of the great brickfilms uploaded last week, so I had to do the combination. Should I change the title to BOTLWAWATW? (brickfilms of the last week as well as this week)
3. The Explorer - GHBMovingPictures. I was searching BiM (Bricks in Motion, if you're new to the community) a couple weeks back, and I encountered a video by GHBMovingPictures. It was called 'The Speck" and it wasn't a bad animation, so I considered putting it into BOTW. It didn't make the cut,  but there was a lot of films that week. I'm actually quite glad that I discovered him. This video is really good. The animation is great, and the video is also very funny, although it doesn't really have a storyline. I also like the voice acting and picture quality. I feel like he should be more noticed, as he only has 130 Subs. I would highly recommend subscribing to him today.
2.BULB trailer - animationIsaac. I am actually really excited about BULB coming out. If you follow him on his Twitter account (@animationisaac) you will have seen some pictures from the upcoming film. It's been in production for 18 months, and I can't wait to see the end result coming out. I put this trailer in because even if it's a trailer, it contains a large amount of stop-motion, and has great quality animation. I am also intrigued to notice the plot-line is serious - we don't get enough generic horrors on the brickfilm scene. Also, what does BULB mean? This video is intriguing, and I am more excited now than I was before it came out.
1."The Deadly Mission" - MRlegobuilder987. This film might be the most entertaining one I've ever seen. Not only in the sense that it is hilarious (which it totally is) but the time taken in making it. The plot line is very serious towards the start, and just descends into an abyss of total insanity. The set design, quality, the machine-gun effects and most things are pretty flawless. If you want to appreciate the full time put into this, I would highly recommend watching the behind-the-scenes video. I really hope that MRlegobuilder makes more animations like these, as I (and many others) enjoyed it highly, such as GHBMovingPictures and jstudios98. I would encourage you to subscribe to him and watch his other videos, as all are high-quality and are great fun to watch.

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