Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I Can't Stop Smiling! BOTW #17

I'm surprised by the amount of videos uploaded this week. I was expecting a lack of films, as the brickfilming community should be recovering from the exertions of BRAWL. But I got a surprising amount of videos in my feed (and not many were incomplete BRAWLs!) But it was enough to leave me seriously impressed by the quality.
3.Bricking Bad - AquaMorph. As Breaking Bad is drawing to a close, YouTube is full of parodies. This is the second Lego one I've seen, the other being ZachMG's 'The Dish Situation'. I really like this video, as I find the animation, set design, and lighting all of high quality. I think this video may become very successful, because of the popularity of Breaking Bad, and I hope it does too.
2.LEGO Tom Bombadil (Why was he cut?) - BrotherhoodWorkshop. Although I've never read the books Lord Of The Rings, (I HAVE seen all the films) I still find this video enjoyable. I really like the bark of the tree, and the self made face on Peter Jackson, and I love the moving legs of Tom. It's also a very funny video, and is a great recreation of backstage in the Hobbit film. This is already a huge success, and BrotherhoodWorkshop are now the most featured brickfilmers on my blog, by a long way.
1.Freedom Of Expression - xxxfancypantsxxx. "He's Back!" screamed the brickfilming community on Thursday 1st August when legendary animator Fancy Pants uploaded a vlog saying that he was planning to make a video in the next two weeks, and will emerge from his retirement to upload a video every now and again. People went wild. And when he uploaded the actual video, they went even crazier. The video has great animation, is hilarious, has great set-design, and has touched a point that no-one has really thought about before - a brilliant riff about freedom of expression vs the fixed expressions on the faces of Minifigures. This is the unique mind of Fancy Pants at work. I do hope that he does upload whenever he can, as everyone loves his videos, and he would be a great part of the brickfilming communty

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