Tuesday, 20 August 2013

BRAWL 2013! BiMAC #3

BRAWL was, predictably, one of the most epic weeks in the brickfilming year, and everyone was extremely excited. I've talked about it too much in BOTW #16, so I'll just get to the breakdown.
Overview - To make a video in a week.
Theme - Outlook
Allocated Time - A Week
Winner Setup - 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.
Prizes - The winner gets a lego set of their choice on Amazon.com of a price up to $12.99
Judges - Just Kidden (Jonathan Phillips) - Squash and Hazzat (Zoot101)
Judged On - Theme Interpretation (40/100)
                      Presentation/Technical Aspects (30/100)
                      Story (20/100)
                      Immersion (10/100)
Entries And Results - 
22nd place

Adventurer’s Outlook by Cool Cube Studios
21st place

The Working Man by Blank Page Productions
20th place
An Adventure to the Grand Canyon by LASF
19th place
Supobo by MrSmas101
18th place
The Pond by Stefan M
17th place
Obscured Outlooks by Mickey
16th place
The Seeing Elf by OsomStudios

15th place

Evil’s Outlook by The Four Monkeys
14th place
Saltman – Forever and Today by Juggernaut Pictures

13th place

EUB News by Lucas
12th place
The Intruder by Onion
11th place
Hyperopia by Mighty Wanderer
10th place
The Day Aliens Finally Invaded by Push Over Productions
9th place
2413 by AnimationIsaac
8th place
The Beast and the Farmer by Sonjira
7th place
Self Discovery by JStudios
6th place
Lookout by Twickabrick
5th place
AX by Pritchard Studios
4th place
Outlook Of A Myopic by Loïc F-B
3rd Place
Homefront by TheCWynns
2nd Place
A Proletarian Outlook by MaxButcher
1st Place
Odiferous by AnnoyingNoisesInc

Congratulations to AnnoyingNoisesInc.  See BOTW 16 for more of my thoughts on the winners.  Roll on BRAWL 2014!

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