Monday, 22 July 2013

BiMAC #2 - ZachFBStudio's 2013 Animation Contest

This post is a luxury that doesn't happen a lot. That is partly due to the fact that notable contests just don't get uploaded a lot. This contest, however, was one of those abstract ones. It wasn't really based on anything, no particular theme, just, as ZachFB says, "have fun!"
The winner was julsier with INFRILTRATION HD. It was also my favourite, although all entries were of a high quality. I congratulate Zach for the effort of creating the contest and investing in prizes, and I congratulate everyone for their effort in participating.  I certainly hope the winners enjoy their prizes! :)
Overview - To make a creative, original animation
Theme - None in particular
Allocated Time - 10 Weeks and 2 Days
Winner Setup - 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place,
Prizes - 3rd Place - Set #9677, #9461, A Series 9 Minifigure
             2nd Place - Set #9491, #9678, A Series 9 Minifigure
             1st Place - Set #60007, #9677, Two Series 9 Minifigures
Judges - ZachFBStudios and two others (not sure who)
Judged On - Animation (50%) Originality (25%) and Creativity (25%)
Entries - 
INFILTRATION HD by julsier - 1st Place - Highest Views On YouTube - Highest Rated On YouTube
LEGO City The Police Chase by CableAnimStudios - 2nd Place 
Red And Green by backyardlegos - 3rd Place
LEGO- The Hobbit, Home ( Parody ) by liljshipman14
Ice-cream (short Lego animation) by StudioBigBrick
The Cube Of Rubik by TheCrumbleStudios
The Knight : A Lego short film by legogamr
Lego Star Wars Brickfilm - Darth Maul vs Merlin Kolar
Life Has Just Begun by jarrettvaters1

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