Sunday, 28 April 2013

Chase McCain In Animation - And More! BOTW #5

Before I start showing you this week's brickfilms, I'm going to announce that my half-weekly blogpost is discontinued as I am going to concentrate on this weekly one. Right, let's go!
3.LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins Stop-Motion Feature - MICHAELHICKOXFilms. Michael Hickox recently hit 100,000 subscribers, which is a brickfilm achievement in my eyes, as only two other brickfilmers have managed this achievement (forrestfire101 and Keshen8) so, I guess this video was his celebration. He was asked by LEGO to promote their new game, The Chase Begins about LEGO City, the first LEGO City game commerically availiable, on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Overall, I think this video is funny, with Michael's predictable cheesy joke (this one is at 1:56). The animation quality is great, as always, but it would be good to see him trying a different story style.  .
2.Garbage Man - Paganomation. I was suprised that the official animators for The Official Lego Channel on youtube had time to enter the ReBrick competition, but I am very glad that they have found the time. Personally, this is my favourite Garbage Truck modification, but sadly I don't have all those pieces to make it :'( I also think that it is a magnificently animated video, but the only thing that I feel they should have dropped is the title card, as it will be removed if they win and it looked like they had taken time over it :(
Well, I am still supporting every ReBrick entry out there, so if you are reading and have a ReBrick entry submitted now,  I wish you the very best of luck!
1.Gorgy wants a horse - BrotherhoodWorkshop. This is my favourite ReBrick entry so far, and I am not suprised that BrotherhoodWorkshop's ReBrick Entries have both topped my charts consecutively. The creation is unique, but he is not the only person to opt for a medieval theme. How would anyone know that a barn could be turned into a Rocket Powered Wooden horse! I really think that BrotherhoodWorkshop is an amazing, creative, unique animator, and I think that this is almost guaranteed to do well. Well done BrotherhoodWork!
Thaks for reading this blog post. If you want to see more, click HERE!

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