Sunday, 7 April 2013

Happy Easter! BOTW #2

Ok, right, this is the big one. Who's going to win Brickfilm of the week? We have had some good competition, what with EASTER 2013 on this week. But let's start. So tense!
3. City Hall - MinilifeTV. The new episode of MinilifeTV is about a new building opening in MinilifeCity. Co-presenter Ian is in fact the mayor of the city, and he does a virtual tour of the new building with everyone working in it. It is rich with jokes, and I think the creators are fantastic, humorous storytellers. They could easily be authors if they wanted to. MinilifeTV is great, definitely worth subscribing to. and their weekly videos will mean they will always be in competition in this blog!
2. Easter Chicks - CrazyEdChannel. I didn't really get this video last post, but since then, I found the animation great, the background effect amazing, and the chicks adorable. The fact that they are so big is
just hilarious. Wait- I'm going off task. CrazyEd animates at 24fps, and has built up a large subscriber amount for his funny videos and clever animating tricks. Overall, CrazyEd may be one of the most talented brickfilmers out there.
1.Skyfall Shanghai Clip (WIP) - ZachMG. I know, maybe I'm over-reacting to this video. But it's so awesome! The fighting, special effects, lighting, are all flawless. I think the entire brickfilming community wants this film to be completed. We totally need more ZachMG videos. And this video needs to get more views!
Thanks for reading this blog post. If you want to see more videos, click HERE!
And finally, the top 5 most viewed videos this week
1. Skyfall Shanghai Clip (WIP) - ZachMG
2. Easter Chicks - CrazyEdChannel
3. City Hall - MinilifeTV
4. EGGS 2 (EASTER 2013 entry) - justkiddenanim8ion
5. A Space Egg - sfugity

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