Tuesday, 2 April 2013

May The Chocolate Be With You - BOTW #1

This week has been a pretty exciting week for brickfilmers, as the new EASTER 2013 animation challenge on bricksinmotion.com has been set. Also, April Fools Day inspired a couple animations. So I had a hard choice to decide this, but I came up with my favourite three.

MunchySquid's Replacement Montage is my first choice. Many people entered the Replacement animation contest, like TheFourMonkeys4, but Harrison Allen, who is the founder of AnnoyingNoisesInc., produced a unique entry that experimented with lighting as well as other cleverly used techniques.

ZachMG's Skyfall Clip is my second. ZachMG doesn't produce content often, but when it does come out, the quality is always immaculate (This has led his subscriber amount to 30,000!). He doesn't always participate in animation challenges, but he has his own website he participates to, MotionPXL.

TheFourMonkeys Easter Entry is my third and final. TheFourMonkeys like to enter animation challenges on bricksinmotion.com. They seem to make one video a week, which is hard and time consuming. But even though they have full time jobs, they still have time to spend on their passion, brickfilming!

I hoped you enjoyed this blog post. If you want to watch more brickfilms, Click HERE!

And finally, the top 5 brickfilms this week (counting through views)
2. Magnetic Iron Man- MonsieurCaron
3. Skyfall Shanghai Clip - ZachMG
4. I Told You - thefourmonkeys4
5. Episode 43 - Snowball's Party PART 2 - MinilifeTV